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Repairs Price List

Repairs price list July 2021

Effective July 2020. All prices include GST and are subject to change. Most prices do not include parts or strings. These prices should be regarded as a guide only. Many factors may influence the time taken to perform these jobs and may alter the cost accordingly. 
Prices are in Australian dollars.
Setups and fret work:- All fret work includes a setup and fretwire.
All setups require new strings.
Add $60 for guitars with a floating tremolo bridge.
Standard refret - includes leveling of fretboard  $530 (+$100 for stainless steel frets)
Refret on a lacquered fretboard - including respraying       $650
Partial refret - first 4 or 5 frets    $380 + $20 for every fret past the 5th
Fret dressing - leveling, polishing frets plus setup                $290
Fretless - removing frets, filling fret slots and setting up     $280
As above but veneering the fretboard to hide slots $350

Setup - acoustic or electric. Includes restringing, cleaning, nut work, truss rod adjustment, saddle height and intonation adjustment, fretboard oiling, pickup height adjustment, battery check, electrical contact cleaning, etc. No fret work            $90
Setup - electric with floating tremolo bridge. No fret work              $135
Locking off a floating tremolo bridge into a fixed position. Completely reversible     $30
Nuts and saddles
New bone nut            $90 or $160 with a setup
New brass nut.           $130 or $200 with a setup
New bone saddle      $65 or $140 with a setup
Installation of molded plastic/synthetic nut         $40 or $110 with a setup
Installation of molded plastic/synthetic saddle    $40 or $110 with a setup
Neck reset $650
Quick neck reset with strap pin bolt $250
Repairing broken headstock, basic job including a small amount of touch up work $350
As above, but with reinforcing "biscuits", colour matching, lacquering, polishing, etc. $540
Reshaping neck profile with oil finish                   $290
Removal and replacement of a preslotted fretboard      $650
Repairing crack under end of fretboard $120
Installation of "Shubb" banjo capo         $40
Bridge work:- includes setup work
Remove and reglue original bridge       $150
Replace original with custom bridge               POA
Shaving acoustic bridge to lower action         $180
Floyd Rose installation                                       $480
Pickup installation
Standard acoustic piezo with output jack                         $95
Piezo and preamp                                                                $160
Electric guitar                                                                        $90-$130
Left handed:- Conversion of a right-handed guitar to a left-handed one and vice versa plus a setup. Does not include replacement of original pickguard.
Basic job - nut and saddle work.            $90
As above, but with rerouting saddle slot   $190
Lacquer work
Respray acoustic top.     $500
Respray acoustic guitar (satin) $900
I no longer spray coloured lacquer on electric guitar bodies, but if a clear finish is required, give me a call.
Touch up work to dents, cracks, etc. POA
Other work
Copying a pickguard from a broken original. Not including pickguard blank    $120
Reglue loose braces                           $60 for the first. $30 for each subsequent brace
Replace acoustic top                         $1100
Hipshot "trem setter" installation                                     $150

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