About Us

Guitar repairs

Yes, even this guitar was repairable. Though it's now somewhat scarred, it plays and sounds as good as it ever did. 

Paul is an expert guitar repairer of 20 years experience. And being a player since the age of 6, he knows how best to setup your guitar for the way you play.

Don't forget, Paul doesn't just do guitars. He'll repair your mandolins, banjos, basses and ukuleles. He's also worked on harps, lutes, xylophones, double basses, violins and even the occassional sitar.

Customised guitar building  

Initially trained as a cabinetmaker, Paul now uses his woodworking skills to repair and build guitars. A custom made guitar is built to your specifications with the timbers you want and the neck dimensions that you find comfortable. Do you want some input in the design process? Perhaps you want an inlay that's reflects your personality? No problem, can do. 

Paul builds mainly steel string acoustic guitars, but he's made electric guitars, basses and ukuleles as well. Prices vary, but acoustic guitars start at A$4500 and ukuleles A$2000.

What else?

To keep life interesting, Paul makes a number of things that are completely unrelated to guitars; marquetry jewellery boxes, small bone luthier planes, chopsticks in boxes, topographical maps and even a couple of cosplay props.